Chuka & the Whip – a Logical Analysis

Who benefits from Labour's continuing ambiguity on Brexit? The country, or the party? A few days ago Chuka Umunna put forward an amendment to the Queen's speech with the aim of securing our place in the Single Market & Customs Union.  Jeremy Corbyn instructed his MPs to abstain on the amendment though 50 MPs "defied … Continue reading Chuka & the Whip – a Logical Analysis


Why is Corbyn Pro-Brexit?

Jeremy Corbyn, despite what many supporters believe, has historically been opposed to the EU.  When this is discussed however generally rail nationalisation is raised as an example and it’s then pointed out that the EU doesn’t prevent state owned railways.  It's then also pointed out that Labour policies aren't really that radical and that many … Continue reading Why is Corbyn Pro-Brexit?

Brexit – “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”

There's a lot of confusion & mixed messages around hard brexit, soft brexit, open brexit, closed brexit however there's one very simple trick to cut through the deliberate fog. If you hear a politician talk about "Access to the Single Market", "Retain benefits of the Single Market", "Reform some aspects of the Single Market", "Tariff … Continue reading Brexit – “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”

Brexit & Traitors

One major theme from Brexit was the “patriotism” of the Brexiteers.  They “believed in Britain” whereas Remainers were “traitors” who were “talking the country down”. May made specific reference to this when she challenged Corbyn’s patriotism.  True patriots believed in Brexit and would "Make Britain Great again", we would take our country back not only from … Continue reading Brexit & Traitors