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David Davis & Brexit Negotiations

Consistent message from Conservatives is “Vote for May to get a steady hand during EU negotiations”.  But of course it’ll be David Davis who’ll be our chief negotiator, not May so how much faith can we put in him to get us a good deal? Presumably, a key requirement for success in that deal would […]

Corbyn & Brexit

At this point this brief post might not serve any good purpose, however…. Key to Corbyn’s appeal is that he is an honest, decent, different kind of politician.  A man of integrity.  Yes, he may not be polished or media friendly but he means what he says.  He’s someone you can believe in. However, there […]

Brexit Fantasies – They need us more than we need them

Summary Around 60% of our trade goes to or through the EU Around 10% of EU trade comes to UK In the event of a “No Deal” exit from the EU, EU-UK trade will not cease but it will significantly reduce From a UK point of view a reasonable estimate of a 25% reduction in […]

Simplistic Leave Arguments

Leave arguments on Twitter are reducing down to a fairly limited set of options. Possibly a level of desperation setting in.  For my personal sanity it’s easier to record them here as it saves typing the same responses in 6 times daily. “we knew what we were voting for” – this is ridiculous as a) […]

Post Brexit trade deal fantasies

If we lose 5% of our trade with the EU we’ll have to increase our trade with BRICS by 25%. One of the key aspects of the argument to leave the EU is that it will allow the UK to go “global” again, to sign new trade deals free of the constraints of the EU. […]

“Seven key British perspectives” – Fisk

This is a brief fisk of an article written by Andrew Lilico, a leading Leave economist, entitled “Seven key British perspectives on the Brexit negotiations” which is in circulation. To understand the essential flaw in this article it’s first necessary to appreciate that it is underpinned by 3 implied assertions. They (the EU) need us […]

Brexit & “They need us more than we need them”

The following is a fact and informed assumption based article.  It is not about patriotism, optimism, talking the country down or any other emotional aspects but simply a reasoned, logic based argument. Andrew Lilico has produced a report on “Seven key British perspectives on the Brexit negotiations“.  (See this additional blog for a point by […]

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