Simplistic Leave Arguments

Leave arguments on Twitter are reducing down to a fairly limited set of options. Possibly a level of desperation setting in.  For my personal sanity it’s easier to record them here as it saves typing the same responses in 6 times daily.

  1. “we knew what we were voting for” – this is ridiculous as a) people voted leave for a wide variety of reasons, there is no “we” and b) almost no-one even imagined, much less voted for the deeply damaging hard brexit we seem to be heading for.  Leave supporters in particular appear to have an ability to rewrite history, however the reality is just prior and after the vote leave supporters were all over the place.
  2. “you lost, get over it” – this is clearly an affront to democracy. By the time things shake out there could be 3 years between the vote and knowing the deal. We’ve had 2 GE’s in less time in the past. Yes, remain lost, just as most people “lose” in every general election however this argument is as pointless as saying to someone complaining of Conservative neglect of the NHS “well they won the election 2 years ago fair and square, there’s no point whinging now”.
  3. “Stop talking Britain down/we all just need to pull together” – this just puts the blame and/or responsibility for a badly thought out and implemented Brexit on the people who opposed it rather than those who pushed it forward.  We’re starting to see a tendency to see Brexit as a “Blitz” like event, in which if everyone just pulls together and shares out the powdered egg rations we’ll get through it. But this a fake narrative, put in place by leave supporters who don’t want to take responsibility for their vote. Brexit is a self inflicted crisis brought about by a tiny majority.  The path of Brexit is not an act of faith, everyone thinking nice thoughts won’t make any difference in the negotiations that are starting.

One thought on “Simplistic Leave Arguments

  1. Nog,

    You seem to write awfully good sense. I’m not sure I’ve clicked the right things: couldst make sure I’m subscribed to you by e-mail (david.lloydjones AT gmail DOT com) rather than all these WordPressy and suchlike options that I don’t see until months later.



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