Dear Boris…..

Dear Boris,

OK, we all know you didn’t mean it.  It’s just a jolly jape gone wrong.  We all saw it in your face on Friday.  But its gone far enough now.

We all know you meant to lose, not win.  We all know you’re a European at heart.  And we know you’re a smart chap, so you know what’s about to happen.

There is no good end to this, you can write your columns saying everything’s OK, but you know you can’t get that magic single market without free movement.  Lets be clear, if we get the deal you say we can get, its the end of the EU.  I know some of your chums want that, but I know you understand that would be a disaster for all of us, inside or outside.

However you also know that the deal you want isn’t going to be on the table. So you will have to accept some kind of free movement, which means those pesky immigrants.  Now, normally, that would be fine with most of us, a bit of a waste of time obviously going through all this pain but acceptable.  We don’t have an issue with migrants, only with infrastructure and integration.

But Nigel won’t have that – he’s already snapping at your heels and agitating.  His supporters can smell “betrayal”.  They want OUT, and although you care about trashing the economy, they don’t.  And even if we do crash, they’ll just blame the EU for bullying us into a rubbish deal.  All those people you recruited together, they’ll all flock to Nigel.  And all the Remain people, well they’ll hate you.

So then UKIP will hoover up seats in the next election, because they’ll play on the nationalism and fears that you helped unleash.  They might even get into power.  Is that what you want?  We know you’re a liberal at heart, but how long do you think gay rights, climate change legislation, workers rights will last under UKIP in the middle of a deep recession?  What do you think will happen to the immigrants then?  No EU to save us anymore.

We both know there is no way out for you for this – you’ve got hold of the Tiger’s tail.  If you block free movement, you sacrifice the single market and therefore the economy.  But if you accept free movement, no matter how “controlled” it is, you let in the Far Right in this country.

Is that what you want for your legacy?  The racist attacks are on the increase, we all know you won’t like that.

Boris, it’s time to man up and shout “I was kidding” – only you can stop this, only you can call foul.  We are caught on a democratic one way ticket to a very dark place and only you can stop the train.

Do the right thing.  Call this off.  Get us our country back before its too late.  That’s leadership, that’s being remembered for ever.


The UK (at the moment)


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