Labour Brexit Position? It’s easy

Much has been made recently of the Labour Leadership's confused Brexit position.  The general line from Corbyn supporters is "Brexit has happened, it can't be stopped, what can we do?".  Many Labour Remain supporters believe that the result must be respected, whatever the cost, and that therefore the Leadership is just respecting democracy. However, the … Continue reading Labour Brexit Position? It’s easy

Brexit is dying – don’t worry about how we finish it off

Firstly, to use a painfully overused phrase, let's be clear - Brexit is likely already dying.  This may not seem obvious right now for reasons I'll outline below but let's take a reality check: All Brexits are damaging - some, such as staying in SM & CU are less so but all will cost jobs … Continue reading Brexit is dying – don’t worry about how we finish it off

Brexit – “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”

There's a lot of confusion & mixed messages around hard brexit, soft brexit, open brexit, closed brexit however there's one very simple trick to cut through the deliberate fog. If you hear a politician talk about "Access to the Single Market", "Retain benefits of the Single Market", "Reform some aspects of the Single Market", "Tariff … Continue reading Brexit – “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”